Transport Accident and Incident Investigataion BureauTransport Accident and Incident Investigataion Bureau


Railway Accident  Report No 1/2008


Two shunting trains collision at Freeport of Riga authority at the track No 100 5 February 2008



At 03:17 hrs on Tuesday 5 February 2008 two shunting trains collided on the territory of the Freeport of Riga authority at the track No100.

Both shunting trains were traveling in the same direction. When the collision occurred the first shunting train was driving at about 7 km/h and the second one following behind – at about 20 km/h. Due to speed difference the following train hit the first one.

As a result of collision the second shunting locomotive was damaged and two freight cars were derailed and seriously damaged. These freight cars should be excluded from the rolling stock inventory.

The railway line was closed for traffic for 16 hrs.

Total material damage is EUR 66955 (LVL 47056).


The immediate cause of the accident was that the driver of the second shunting train started movement without permission from the stationmaster and the switchman on duty and did not observe in the direction of track.


The contributory factor was that these trains used a different radio frequency therefore it was impossible to hear and to contact each other.





1. Shunting trains operators and infrastructure managers should arrange and improve the process of obtaining of security certificate issue in order to increase safety level.


2. Shunting trains operators and infrastructure managers should arrange using the train radio communication system.


3. Public infrastructure managers should examine all of the railway stations radio communication system where private shunting trains operators are used.


4. National safety authority should perform additional control in accordance with recommendations mentioned above.


The recommendations have been sent to shunting trains operators, infrastructure managers and National safety authority.