Transport Accident and Incident Investigataion Bureau
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Cabinet of the Republic of Latvia has released an Order Nr.822 on creation of Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau (AAIIB) in December 21, 2005; the Bureau has started its activities as the Governmental entity of independent governance under direct supervision of Minister of Transportation since January 1, 2006.

Since April 1, 2007 AAIIB has been designated as the Investigative body for Serious Railway Accidents, by Cabinet Order Nr.953 “On the serious railway accident investigation institution”, dated by December 12, 2006.

Therefore, since July 1, 2007, Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau has changed its title to be called as “Transport Accident and Incident investigation Bureau” (TAIIB).

In accordance with the Section 8.¹ of „ Maritime Administration and Marine Safety Law”, and Article 14. of “Transitional provisions’’ of this Law, since June 1, 2011 TAIIB has taken over and acquired the responsibilities of Marine Accidents and Incidents Investigation from Latvian Maritime Administration.